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About us

Independent Data. Reliable Reports.


Established in 2009, Outdoor Auditors has answered the industry’s call for reliable, independent data reporting. We collect nationwide data every 6 months – in February and August – by physically driving to every site that we have on our database. This ensures that our database remains current and is an accurate representation of each site.


Our database includes over 14K billboard faces across the country. For each face, we take photographs, GPS coordinates and attribute data (such as media owner, size of billboard, illumination, condition).


Apart from our biannual audits, we are able to conduct specific audits and auditing based on clients’ requests.


Outdoor Auditors has also conducted outdoor advertising audits in a number of other African countries, including Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria and Uganda, among others. 

Over 500 towns are audited every 6 months
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